Walking in the snow with your dog

Walking in the snow with your dog is different from your normal, daily walk. Snow brings additional challenges but also opportunities for fun. This article will help you to go out safely and well-prepared. We discuss what you need, how to protect your dog, and how to make the most of your walk.

Puppy Dominance

Some people think that puppies bite for dominance-related reasons. They claim that the puppy wants to be the dominant leader of the pack, or the alpha animal. 

I’ll tell you the source of this advice and why vets and dog trainers should stop giving advice like this, especially to puppy owners.

How To Get a Puppy to Stop Crying in a Crate


Does your puppy cries when you leave him in its dog crate?

In this article, I’ll tell you what not to do and what you should do

By the end you hopefully know how you can stop puppy crying.

Easiest Dog Breeds to Potty Train

One often asks me what dog breeds are the easiest to potty train?

Potty training your puppy can and probably will be a tedious task, so setting yourself up for success by choosing a dog breed that is easy to potty train would be a smart decision, right? Well, you’re mistaken.

How To Crate Train a Puppy

how to start crate training

I know from personal experience how annoying it is when your puppy refuses to enter its dog crate, squealing and barking as soon as the door closes.

Below you’ll find my crate training tips for your puppy for fast results.

How to Prevent Puppy Separation Anxiety

How to Prevent Puppy Separation Anxiety

In order to prevent puppy separation anxiety you’ll find some tips below for fast results on how to teach your puppy to be left alone. There is no way around it; eventually, every dog will have to cope with being left alone for a while. Whether you need to leave for work, have to go meet some friends, go out for … Read More

How to stop a puppy from biting

How to stop a puppy from biting

There’s no escaping it. At some point, all puppies have to go through the so-called biting stage. This can be a frustrating period for you, especially if your puppy displays a lot of biting behavior. I know what I’m talking about here because my own golden retriever definitely went through this stage himself back when he was a puppy. There … Read More

How to potty train a puppy

how to potty train a puppy

House-training your puppy is one of the most time consuming and energy draining activities there is. Below you’ll find an invaluable resource on puppy potty training tips for fast results (+videos): How to potty train a puppy video Do not use puppy pads and newspapers Stick to the puppy schedule as consistently as possible Make sure to set your alarm … Read More